“Aging Successfully With Passion and Purpose....
and...Care-Years Planning
Patty Randall is described as ‘one of the pre-eminent experts, writers, speakers and media
commentators on the topic of care in Canada’ and is widely considered a leading advocate on
the need for care-years planning in our country. Patty Randall can be contacted at pattyr@telus.net
It’s time to plan for our future care-years with successful aging as the goal!

Growing older yesterday versus growing older today...
a new mindset has taken hold

Everything about 'growing older' has changed... we are now living the longest lives in our history

Growing older today means doing something relevant 'in our lives'...not necessarily 'to our age'

People whose actual chronological age today would categorize them in the stereotypical 'old category' don't see themselves that way...
they say that they feel 10 to15 and even 20 years younger than their actual age

Vibrancy and adventure are now the norm

Thanks to health and longevity Canadians are pioneering a change in what becoming a senior and growing older really mean, stereotypical thinking no longer applies- a clearer picture is rapidly emerging...

Growing older successfully in our country today requires that we age with passion, purpose and
care-years planning for our future


Introductory videos

View 5 key videos by Patty on “The Importance of Care-Years Planning in Today’s Canada”

  • How aging today has changed and why care-years planning is an important
  • The key factors that can cause us to need some care at some point in our long lives
  • Her own personal experiences and what she has learned from her own care-years journeys with her loved ones
  • What drives the costs of our care and subsidization in today’s Canada
  • What makes up a good care-years plan

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Watch for more educational videos and informative radio chats throughout all sections of this website


We are living longer...and because of this long-life-bonus we have been given, we now, along with all the other aspects, also have to prepare financially and organizationally for our own and our loved ones’ future care needs, as part of our overall ‘successful aging plan’

And that’s what this website is designed to do, to help you become educated-participants, enabling you and your family to gain peace of mind knowing that you have addressed your future care, thus enabling you to age with quality and control and independence, throughout every stage of your long life

Are you interested in becoming an ‘educated participant’ in your future?
If so, browse the gray theme boxes below to find answers to your questions.
Become informed in order to make plans that will help you age successfully in today’s Canada
  • What is meant by ‘our care-years’ or our long-term care time of life?

  • Why is it important for us to understand what’s involved in this issue for ourselves and our aging parents, our spouse, our older siblings, our aging in-laws and our best friends?

  • What should we know that will help us in our planning for a successful aging even in our old-old years?

  • What is meant by home-care?

  • What should we understand about nursing home living?

  • How might we delay the start of our care-years?

  • Are there suggestions for opening discussions with our family members?

  • What are the current trends in our country?
  • Why do women have to pay special attention to the issue of their own care?

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  • What exists today--what programs and services do our federal and provincial governments provide for our care and for a loved one’s care when needed?

  • Should we rely on these services being available for our loved ones, for ourselves, when we might need some assistance—in other words, are these services guaranteed like our doctor services under the Canada Health Act?

  • How can we find out about these programs’ assessment processes, the residences available, and their criteria?

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  • What are some ways we can fund our future long-term care needs?

  • How will we pay for the care services and supports of our loved ones when they need it?

  • What does care cost?

  • What do we need to do now in order to plan well for that time in our lives?

  • What should we know about care and our taxes?

  • How can care be addressed at income tax time?

  • Why is procrastination around this topic so very dangerous?

  • What else do we need to address when planning on how we are going to pay for our future care

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  • What is long-term care insurance?

  • Should I consider it as one method to help fund my care-years?

  • How do I make a decision on whether this is something for me?

  • What companies are offering LTCI?

  • Where can I learn more?

  • Can I link to an agent or advisor in my community to discuss this relatively new product available to Canadians and find out if it may fit into my plans?

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  • What goes into a Care-Years Plan?

  • What should we be doing in order to ensure we are being responsible for this stage of our life?

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    50+ers in Canada are ‘remaining ageless’!

    They are busy, committed, energetic, caring. They don’t ‘feel’ old regardless of their chronological ages!

    They travel, volunteer, are involved with their grand-children, start new businesses, pay attention to their health, exercise, are in the workforce, are remarrying, relocating, re-evaluating...

    They are making plans for a successful future while living in a successful present.

    What does ‘remaining ageless’ mean today?

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    I have learned that

    “To age with passion and purpose and laughter and energy and security, we all need to address our future care-years time of life well in advance, we need to have plans in place for that future stage of our lives...then and only then will we truly achieve successful aging!”

    For information about Patty or to ask a question or contact her, click the learn more link.

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